Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CC-RD200 | CATEYE - The Tale of a Computer Lost

                                    By: Jeff

I bought my Cateye Strada Cadence last year when I bought my bike.  Generally I like it. It keeps track of my mileage and average speed.  For training purposes it also shows your cadence and has a nice little arrow to show whether you are above or below your current average speed.  It has a simple interface that is fairly easy to setup and operate.  This is a wired model, so you will have to run a wire from the stem of your bike down to chain stay, with the included sensors.  All in all fairly easy to get up and going.  The other nice thing is the price, you can easily get these units for around $30.

So as I was riding, about a month ago, I look down and the Cateye is missing!!! ARGH!  This was about 20 miles in to a 30 mile ride.  I road back a little ways, knowing that I had checked it within the last mile or so, and never did find it.  I had noticed that it had seemed to not be clicking into the holder unit as tightly as it had in the past.  Here is where I get to praise Cateye.  I wrote them an email stating what happened.  Within a day I get an email response from a customer rep named Jeff. The email states that they are sorry for my situation and they are sending me a new unit for free!!!  No questions asked, just great customer service!!!  Within two days I received my new Cateye.  I tried to put it in the old holder and noticed it was still loose, so I will hook up the new holder and wire.  All that can be said is, wow! Cateye customer service rocks.  This is most certainly a great buy if you are looking for a simple to use device with great customer service.

My next bicycling computer will most certainly be GPS based.  I have to admit I have been spoiled by using my friend's Garmin 500 while figuring out what to do about my Cateye.  If Cateye would come out with a GPS model I would be most curious in trying one out.  Do you hear me Cateye!?! Now that I see what kind of Customer service Cateye has, I would also be interested in using some of their other non-computer products.

Thank you Jeff at Cateye.  Job well done Sir!!!

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