Monday, May 16, 2011

Continuation of the Metacarpal Mishap

By:  Jeff  

You might remember that in November last year I broke my hand in a mountain biking incident (read about it here).  When the bone healed, it did so slightly misaligned.  It was more of an annoyance than painful, but I decided to procede with getting it fixed correctly.  Things like playing ball with my son and being able to shake hands was difficult.  So after CT scans and talking things over with my doctor, we decided that surgery was the best option for getting my hand back to normal.  On Friday I had that surgery.  They just blocked my arm, so I was awake for the surgery ( I was blocked from viewing the surgery by a tent like sheet).  It is really wierd though to see your hand and arm, and no matter how hard you try you can not move it!!!  They placed two screws in my bone to hold it in the correct position. So I will have a few weeks of not being able to ride my bike.  My doctor did approve me using my trainer though.  It is 60 days until Brent and I go on our Wisconsin bike trip.  So I will continue to log miles on the trainer, and I will ramp up my running in preperation for this years Sunburst 5K.  Just because you are limited is no excuse to not keep going!!! I am hoping to be really focused during this time of hand recovery.  Plus Brent has told me "no excuses for not keeping up in Wisconsin!"  So he has thrown down the gauntlet, and I will not fail!!!

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