Monday, March 28, 2011

De Ronde Van Vlaanderen

Belgian Roger De Vlaeminck climbing the Koppen...Image via WikipediaBy Jeff:  

Here at Pursuit of Fit we have not blogged about professional cycling.  It's not that we have not wanted to, but it has not really fit into our mission of covering our goals of becoming healthy and fit individuals.  That being said there is nothing like a good bike race to get you motivated to put more miles on your bike!!!!  Last year I began watching a couple of cycling road races, and after watching the Tour Of Flanders I was hooked.  It is because of this race that I now watch and follow professional cycling.  The Tour of Flanders combines short steep hills with stretches of cobblestone paths.  The race is considered one of the great spring classics, and for good reason.  It covers 262.3 km, has 15 named hills and is just brutal.  I have always been in awe of people that take on epic challenges.  These professionals take a little over 6 hours to complete this race.  First of all '6 HOURS ON A BIKE'!!!!! Then combine the hills and being beaten up by the cobblestones, it is cold, think if it rained (which it has on occasion). Finally really look at that 6 hour ride time, that works out to an average speed of 40.799 km/h, AMAZING!!!!  Some of those hills have a max gradient of 20%, holy gravity!!!! I would be rolling backwards.  40.799km/h works out to 25.339 mph.  So the next time your on a flat, nice smooth road, and averaging 18mph, just imagine 15 hills, bumpy pave, and an extra 8mph worth of effort, ouch!!  So the great thing is that I just found out that Versus is covering the race again this year (I'm sure probably just the highlights), but at least I will get to see some of it.  So do yourself a favor, if you have never watch professional cycling before, turn on Versus this Sunday April 3 at 4pm est, and watch De Ronde Van Vlaanderen! ...... Click on the link below for last years highlights:
Cancellara wins Tour of Flanders - Versus
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