Monday, January 24, 2011

Daytona Beach, Warmer (Slightly) Than Indiana

Hilton Daytona BeachImage by Joe Shlabotnik via FlickrBy Jeff

Last week I took a business trip to Daytona Beach.  I know, I know, sounds exactly like a business trip right?  With air travel, convention setup, and working the convention, I was only able to get out and run/walk once.  So a nice run along an ocean walk in sunny Florida ----- Ya Right!!!  How about 45 and windy!!! Ok so nicer than -6 in Indiana, but still not typical Florida weather.  Immediately I could tell that I have been doing a lot more bike riding than running. But with running by the ocean, early morning with no one around, it was rather peaceful. In addition it made for a great opportunity to test the Google My Tracks app on my phone.  So there I was, running along, feeling good about myself, smelling the ocean breeze.....and, wait for it........BACON!!!!  Come on Jeff keep running, breakfast isn't for another couple of hours......Conrad Hilton was up cooking though.  Man what a distraction.  That man makes some seriously good smelling bacon.  After a few minutes I was able to regain my focus and complete my run.  Over all it was fun, and the change of scenery was an added bonus.  And yes I did order bacon at breakfast.

From My Tracks Phone App

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  1. Jeff... is this Adam's Mark? We stayed there several years ago and Bob and I got a wind burn from walking the beach. It was a little warmer then 45, but unusually chilly.

  2. It is actually the Hilton Resort. It is right across the street from the Ocean Center Convention Hall.