Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Review: Topeak Joe Blow II vs. Serfas FP-200 se

By: Jeff

The Competetion
Last Friday Brent and I decided to conduct a very informal, yet highly scientific competition between our two bicycle pumps.  Brent own a Topeak JoeBlow Sport II Floor Pump.  I own a Serfas FP-200 pump.  First lets compare price; the Topeak has an onsale price at of $29.99, the Serfas is offered at for $39.99.  The Topeak has a bright yellow color, the Serfas is offered in six different colors (mine is white).  The Topeak has a dual sided head with a switch that locks it in place, the Serfas has a single head with a switch on top. Both pumps fit Presta and Shrader valves.  Here are some other random technical specs:

Topeak JoeBlow Sport II Floor Pump
GAUGE: Elevated Mount
HEAD: Dual
MAX. PSI: 160

Serfas FP-200 Silver, Black, Satin Silver, Yellow, Red, White (tested)

Simple Valve Pump Head — Fits Both Presta and Schrader Valves
Durable Metal Barrel and Base
Ergonomic Handle
Top Mounted Large Gauge
Equipped with Ball and Accessory Attachments
PSI Capacity: 160 PSI
Topeak on left, Serfas on right

Our Findings
We tested both pumps by seeing how many pumps it would take to inflate a tire from 50 psi to 110 psi.  The Topeak took 12 pumps and the Serfas took 14.5.  We also noticed that it seemed to take less effort to hook up the Topeak compared to the Serfas.  Both pumps are high quality, the Serfas has a slightly more industrious look.  We found that the handle on the Topeak was a bit more comfortable.  The Serfas has a guage toward the top which we liked, but it wasn't a significant difference from the low mounted Topeak guage.  We also found that the flatter base on the Topeak is a bit easier to use with cleats.  Overall we would recommend either of these pumps, but based on price and comfort we give the edge to the Topeak.

Topeak on left and Serfas on right
On a side note: My cast is off.  Just have to keep it wrapped for a couple more weeks.  I have permission to ride the trainer, but couple more weeks before I can ride on the streets.

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