Monday, September 20, 2010

The Myth Of Preparation

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This coming Sunday, Sept. 26, Brent and I will be doing 50 miles of the Apple Cider Century.  Here is my question. When does one truly know that they have prepared enough to accomplish their goal?  Oh we have prepared plenty!, but is it enough?  We have road several miles and hours over the summer.  We have joined group rides.  Heck Brent has even done a full marathon this year!!!

One thing that I know for sure is that we will look like  we have prepared well.  Both of us have shiny new Cannondale bikes.  New gloves, cycle clothing, newer Giro helmets.  We have nice cateye cycle computers to tell us how close how far away we are from the end of the ride.  We will look like we have done a hundred of these things!

So here is how I intend to accomplish my first half-century bike ride:

  • Do not focus on the 50 miles, just take it one Support And Gear stop at a time.
  • Try to get Brent to start talking so he slows up enough for me to catch my breath
  • Hopefully my butt will go numb after the first ten miles so that way I don't feel the pain
  • Eat and Drink a good amount at each SAG stop (1 to rest a bit, 2 that way I know I will not bonk!)
  • Draft as much as I can.
  • And most of all, Just have fun.
I know I am really looking forward to doing this ride.  Honestly I do feel prepared to accomplish the 50 miles.  Ultimately there is only one way to tell if you are truly ready for something, and that is to go out and try it!
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