Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Land Of The Mouse

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By: Jeff

I am back from a ten day family vacation to Floridia.  We left on a Friday.  Stayed the weekend on Ana Marie Island.  On Monday we drove to Disney World for the week.  Saturday we drove to Ft. Lauderdale to stay with family.  Then on Monday drove back to Orlando to catch our flight home.  To say I am exhausted is an understatement.  Yesterday, I took it pretty easy, but today I did ride my bike into work.

I had great dreams that I would actually wake up early on a couple of days and get some running in.  On the first Sunday of the trip I did just that.  Got up at 6:30.  Walked outside.  IT felt like a comfortable temperature.  Ten minutes into the run, MAN FLORDIA IS HUMID!!! It was definately difficult to get use to that after coming from 50 degree weather in Indiana.  I had plotted a simple out and back route before I left Indiana, so that way I would know where I was at.  In general the run went OK.  Not good, not bad.  I was really sore after it though. It was a nice 2.7 mile run. Here is a map of my route:

The rest of the week:

The rest of the week was filled with plenty of walking and swimming.  We visited all of the major parks at Walt Disney World, so even though I didn't get anymore runs in, I did get plenty of miles on my feet.  Also with all the swimming that I did, I still feel like I had pretty good week of exercise.

Now only two more weeks until my first 5K.  Crunch Time!!!

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