Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Is Here!!!

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By: Jeff

Finally, after what seems to have been a long winter, spring is finally showing up.  What does this mean?  Well it means we can finally get off our trainers and treadmills and hit the pavement!!!  In the last two weeks I have been able to run outside, play with the kid outside, and have even gone for a couple of bike rides.  Last night on the bike, riding with Brent, we noticed traffic, in spots, seemed to be fairly heavy.  This reminded me of the recent controversy with ESPN's Tony Kornheiser.  He made some negative comments about cyclists being on the road.  Lance Armstrong ended up going on his show, Tony apologized, all is well.  So with that I just wanted to take the time to point you to an organization that addresses this issue.  This is for both motorist and cyclists.  Yield To Life is an organization started by David Zabriskie.  After being hit on his bike by cars, and knowing people who have lost there life by being hit, he started this organization to raise awareness between motorist and cyclists.  Just please keep in mind that the more room you give us the safer we will be, and we will try to remember not to hog the road!
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