Monday, February 8, 2010

16 Weeks of Training

Marathon Sports Valentine's Day 5KImage by thomasbrandt via Flickr
By: Jeff

It is official.  I am registered for my first 5K.  Yep this guy will be running 3.107 miles in June. OK, OK I know seems small compared to uber-marathon running Brent.  Well with that being said we all have to start somewhere. So, how you ask am I going to accomplish this?
  • First:  Tell everyone I know.  Sure they'll laugh and say, "ya right".  But It will hold me accountable.  And I would feel embarrassed if I did not accomplish it.
  • Second:  Well I'm telling the world by posting it here on this blog.  How's that for commitment?
  • Third: Finally I am doing a 16 week training, following a guide by Runner's World's smart coach.
There you go. It is out there.  And now I need to go and begin this journey. I'll keep you posted on how the training is going.
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