Sunday, January 10, 2010

Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer

Schwinn Magnetic Bike TrainerImage by JeffKamp via Flickr
By: Jeff

This summer I was doing well.  I was regularly riding my bike back and forth to work.  Going on weekend rides.  Brent and I even tried to do a two day ride that was well over 100 miles.  But in all disclosure we failed due to hurricane like conditions in the middle of Indiana corn field country.  Seriously.   40 MPH wind gust and rain the whole way!  Then late fall I decidided I wanted to start running.  So for about three weeks I was doing well on that.  With the weather turning cold my running eventually stopped and with the snow my biking ended too.

Well thank goodness for Christmas!!!  One of the gifts I recieved was a Schwinn Magnetic bike trainer.  There are many types of these on the market.  This one in particular is an entry level model.  It has three settings for different resistances.  Basically you mount your rear tire on the frame.  Very easy screw like setting to hold your bike in place.  Then you turn the resistance wheel until it makes solid contact with your rear tire.  Finally pick how much resistance you want and start pedaling.  It is a lot like being on a treadmill, only with your bike instead of running.  A helpful hint would be to get a fan in front of you, your body temp will rise much faster than being on the open road.

So with that being said, I am at least back to getting some excercise in this cold weather.  Today it is a warm 12 degrees farenheight by the way!!!

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