Saturday, January 30, 2010

Becoming One With the Bike

Smarty pedalImage by JeffKamp via Flickr
By: Jeff

I have read many blog postings and magazine articles touting the use of clipless pedals. I have decided try them out.  So I bought my first clipless pedals and my first biking shoes.

In deciding what type of pedals and what type of shoes that I would be purchasing I decided to come up with some sort of criteria.  First, they had to be practical.  Seconded they had to be easy to use.  Third they had to look good!!!   Fourth they obviously had to be in my price range.

Biking shoesImage by JeffKamp via Flickr
The first decision, and this goes with the practical, is whether I would go with a mountian setup or a road setup.  Since my current bike is a mountian bike I defaulted towards a mountain setup.  This, however, was not my only reasoning for this setup.  A mountain biking shoe uses an SPD cleat setup, which is reassed into the sole of the shoe.  This makes for easier walking and is more practical for cross country trips.  As for the second decision I wanted something the would be easy to use, something with a low learning curve.  Minimally I was looking for something with dual sided entry.  As I got farther along in the decision making process I was also liking the Idea of getting something with a small platform.  This would be just in case I was in a situation where couldn't clip into the pedals.  The third decesion was primarily just based on the astecitics of the setup.  I just wanted something that I liked looking at.  The fourth decision, that of price, made me look to alternative models, ebay, and numerous online bike shops.

Biking pedalsImage by JeffKamp via Flickr
With that being said. I ended up with Crank Brothers Smarty Pedals and Shimano M076 shoes.  It is winter here and very cold, (I know, I know,  man up right?!?).  Anyways, I did install the pedals and have had several sessions on the bike stand.  I don't think it is fair for me to review how easy or hard it is to get into the pedals until I am actually out on the road.  I will review these in full when I get them out on the road.  Until then I will keep practicing clipping in and out on my bike stand.

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