by: Brent

In the first half of 1977 two boys were born. By age 7 both boys had become best friends spending way too many hours together. Most of their time was spent riding bikes in never ending circles on driveways, parking lots, wooded areas and even into cemeteries. Listen, cemeteries are curvy and that makes for good race tracks. That and our parents told us not to so…yeah, we were DEFINITELY going there!

So what happens? We get drivers licenses. We meet girls. We have families. We get desk jobs. We get fat. FAT. So now we work to do something about it.

We are making a blog to do a couple things. 1) Remind us as we get older what we have done. 2) Share our experiences, good or bad with what we are working on. 3) Review product whether it be a $3 light or a $5000 bike and also races and trails. 4) Make friends that share our interests.

We look forward to the coming months and please feel free to comment and share your reviews with us. Thanks.