Monday, January 18, 2010

Keeping Track

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By: Jeff

When I began riding my bike into work last year I decided that I would log all of my miles.  I wanted to do this for a couple of reasons.  First to provide a sense of history.  Looking back on what I have achieved provides me motivation for the future.  The second reason is to see progress.  I want to see if I am improving in my times, distance, overall fitness.  So as began to keep track of this I stumbled upon 's training log.  This was very useful in accomplishing the tracking that I wanted.  It even has a place for runs and other cross training activities.

So that brings me to this year.  I have decided that I would keep logging on, but that I would also try a couple other sites.

  • - Provides a nice log for cycling activities.  Secondary logging  for cross training activities.  Provides day, week, month, year, and total summaries.  Also includes tools to share information on a blog or website.
  • - This is managed by the same company as  For the most part this is the same as's log in reverse.  More emphasis on running, with cycling include in the cross training logs.  Again it includes tools to share information on a blog or a website.
  • - This website has a general log that includes several different activities.  This site seems to be more social in nature, as in you can become friends with other members of the website.  I have not found any tools in here to share information outside of the site.  The nice part about this site is that several events, such as marathons and cycling events, use this site for registration and for posting times.  When they post times you can than link them directly to your training log.
I have also looked at and  Livestrong is good if you also want to track what you are eating.  For now though I am going to stick with the three above sites.  At what point does all this tracking become to tedious?  Are there any other sites out there that you use or would suggest?
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